Seattle Human Services Coalition - "An Assertive and Unified Voice helping People Shape Public Policy to Meet Basic Human Needs in Seattle and King County."

An Assertive and Unified Voice


The Seattle Human Services Coalition is a multi-racial, multi-cultural group of human service providers and concerned community members committed to helping Seattle-King County residents meet their basic human needs. Our work is organized through thirteen member coalitions each representing an area of service within the community such as hunger intervention, domestic violence prevention and response, early education, eliminating institutional racism, community healthcare and homelessness to name only a few. These groups of diverse individuals collaborate to identify a shared agenda and mobilize communities to act on a vision to help our communities meet their basic human needs.

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Shaping Public Policy


Together our community and coalition members use what they've learned providing services to provide information to policy makers in order to collectively shape public policy on issues affecting quality childcare, aging, disabilities, sexual assault, healthcare, hunger, homelessness, employments, racial equity and youth development.

Our primary goal is to build support for stable, dedicated and adequate funding for community health and human services needed to strengthen communities and to reduce the need for emergency services.

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  • Action needed to prevent
    failure of new minimum
    wage policy


    SHSC leadership reminds City Council and Mayor Murray that a comprehensive study and plan are needed to prevent cuts in human services for Seattle residents due to new minimum wage policy. See complete set of action recommended here.

  • SHSC presents the 2015-2016 Budget Proposal to the Mayor


    [SHSC presents the 2015-2016 Budget Proposal to the Mayor]


    The SHSC team who presented the budget rec package to Mayor Murray; City Budget Task Force Co-Chairs Johnny Otto and Julia Ismael, holding the package in the front row surrounded by experts in community health and human services, Alison Alfonzo Pence, MJ Kiser, Deeann Puffert, Regent Brown, Merril Cousin, Mark Secord, Julia Sterkovsky, SHSC Co-Chairs Steve Daschle and Patricia Hayden, and Jessica Werner.


    SHSC representatives presented Mayor Murray with the SHSC’s package of 2015-16 City of Seattle Budget Recommendations for a Just and Thriving Community in August and are meeting with each member of City Council in September.


    The 2015-16 package has a new central organizing question, one we heard many city councilmembers ask us last fall: “What would it take to move the needle?” That is, what are the actions needed in order to see positive changes in our communities.



    This package was also developed in a new way. We focused on reducing racial disproportionality in outcomes and reducing the negative effects of the artificial silos of services into which the system has traditionally been organized. Get a complete copy.

  • SHSC Raises Issues with the Mayor


    [SHSC raises issues with Seatte's Mayor Murray]

    Steering Committee selfie clockwise starting with Mayor Ed Murray, Photographer Julia Ismael, Alison Alfonzo Pence, Julia Sterkovsky, Johnny Otto, and Jessica Werner

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  • Sign on to Strengthen Incentive Zoning for Affordable Housing

    Having an adequate supply of housing in Seattle that is affordable to people of all incomes is integral to strong, healthy communities. The Seattle Human Services Coalition has added our voice to a collaborative effort to strengthen the incentives for developers in Seattle to include affordable housing in their projects.

    We urge you to sign the Growing Together Coalition petition and we urge your organization to endorse stronger incentives.

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  • SHSC’s Human Services Issues Advisory on Raising the Minimum Wage.


    SHSC recognizes the importance of a livable minimum wage in addressing poverty in our community. SHSC fully supports raising the minimum wage for all human services workers (and others) to $15/hr. We are also acutely aware that this call for raising the minimum wage must be done in such a way that does not result in a decrease in urgently needed services; any solution must take into account the impact on the vulnerable people we serve. Read more...



>>Recent Happenings...

  • The 2013 Candidate Survey Results

    The Seattle Human Services Coalition presents the 2013 Human Services Candidates Questionnaire which provides the opportunity for candidates to answer important questions relevant to their commitment to helping Seattle and King County residents meet their basic human needs.

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  • The 2013 Candidate's Forum

    On the evening of September 17, The Seattle Channel was able to video tape the Candidate's Forum put on by the Seattle Human Services Commission at the Garfield Community Center in Seattle, WA

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